Solving Food Scarcity
We're a water working company exploring solutions for year round access to nutritious food. Welcome to GR365N.
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Sophisticated hydroponics for your organisation
Whether you're a restaurant, a small business, or an enterprise, hydroponics can reduce your food costs, transportation costs, and carbon footprint. Cut costs and go fresh at the same time.
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Carbon friendly and self-reliant
As our climate changes around us, the need for healthy, sustainable food grows. Green365's hydroponic-solutions offer a sustainable and reliable source of agriculture that doesn't harm the planet.
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Forever fresh
Not only does GR365N offer installation services to get your hydroponic garden up and running, we offer routine maintenance to ensure it operates in peak conditions for years after installation. We take care of your hydroponic needs as a one-stop solutions provider.
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Innovative residential solutions
Grow fresh food for your family, regardless of where you live.
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Gawd Fodder by GR365N
GawdFodder offers quality fodder solutions for both competitive racehorsing and general agricultural applications. Gain the edge on your competition - whether it be on the track, or in the market.
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GR365N's website is coming soon is the home of our sophisticated hydroponic and aquaponic solutions, as well as Gawd Fodder, our top-of-the-line hydroponic-grown fodder. Stay tuned for further updates to our website.